The Brutesquad Report, Issue 1 – Introduction To The Band

     Brutesquad is the band I play in full time. I will begin devoting pages to Brutesquad as time goes on to include news and items of interest. Please feel free to comment, and definitely visit our MySpace page –

     Brutesquad is a metallic hardcore band that rose like a phoenix from the ashes of other Tucson hardcore bands, such as Tempers Flare, Wish You Were Dead and Line of Fire. the original lineup was Esteban Bailon on guitars, Aaron Erkin on bass, Chas Mattoon on vocals, and Chris Hack on drums. The early style was more true to the form of East Coast style hardcore, in the vein of originators such as Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, and Pro-Pain.

     Very quickly in 2007, a 4 song demo was released independently, and the statement was made.


     The beginnings of Brutesquad saw the band infiltrating the local Tucson scene, and opening for the likes of Madball, 25 Ta Life, Gat-Rot, Pro-Pain and even Goatwhore.

     Brutesquad spent 2008 solidifying their place in the scene, and writing new songs. 2009 saw the release of their debut full length CD, “Wolves Among The Sheep”

     Released by Texas’ H8Piece Records, “Wolves…” was 10 songs of pure hardcore agression that showed quick progress and maturity in the band. 

     Between the recording and release of “Wolves…”, a second guitarist was added in the form of Ash To Dust guitarist Jacob Cooper. Jacob brought a new dimension to the band that thickened the live sound, and proved later on to be a formidable element in the musical style of Brutesquad. 

     September 2009 saw a shift in lineup, as original vocalist Chas Mattoon said farewell to his brothers, moving back to his home in Connecticut to be with family. The split shifted Esteban from guitar to vocals, and Lael Clark (also ex-Ash to Dust) was brought in to replace Esteban on guitar.


     With absolutely no downtime between lineups, Brutesquad continued playing shows and started writing  material for a new album, which should see a late summer 2010 release. The sound of Brutesquad remains rooted in the East Coast hardcore style, but with Esteban’s heavy vocal style, Jacob’s prog-rock leanings and Lael’s metal influence, the band has taken on a darker, angrier feel. Witness the new lineup and sound in the video for the demo version of “World Of Shit”. The video was compiled as sort of a highlight reel set to the song. “World Of Shit” is to be re-recorded for the upcoming album.

The video can be viewed on Youtube at this location:

     Currently, several songs are already written for the 2010 album, one of which has an interesting side story. With the majority of Brutesquad being fans of professional wrestling (both the national and underground federations), the band was approached by a local Luchador (masked Mexican style wrestler) known as The Prophet ( Brutesquad was requested to write and record The Prophet’s ring entrance theme.

     The future is wide open for Brutesquad. 2010 has proven to be a great year so far, and we are only halfway through it. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears and mind open. Brutesquad can be reached on MySpace –, and more news will appear here in The Brutesquad Report.




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