News From A Guy Named Bob PR / Forest Moon Special Products – February 2010


Portland area pagan, black metal lifers OAKHELM have confirmed plans to release the band’s second full-length with Forest Moon Special Products, the same label that released 2007’s praised ‘Betwixt And Between.’ The next effort, dubbed ‘ECHTRA’, is confirmed as a five track album with a running time of over 35 minutes, continuing in the same vein as ‘Betwixt’ but more varied and concise.

 As part of the Northwestern stake in Paganfest: Part II last year, and compared to anyone from Agalloch to Wolves In The Throne Room, Ulver, and Woods of Ypres, OAKHLEM is proud to once again partner up with Forest Moon for ‘ECHTRA’, which was recorded over a period of several months in 2009 and ultimately mastered by Justin Weiss at Trackworx.

 Featuring members of highly-regarded metal bands Assück, Wormwood, L’Acephale, and Fall Of The Bastards among others, OAKHELM received praise high praise for the band’s previous effort, which also saw a limited vinyl edition go into print after its original, well-received release. ‘ECHTRA’ will see an early summer release and more details will be available shortly. Tracks from ‘Betwixt And Between’ are available online here (

 Additionally, Forest Moon Special Products is proud to also announce a partnership with long-running Bay Area political grind band PLUTOCRACY for the upcoming release of a collection of all new material. Formed in 1988 and featuring members that would later form No Less, Spazz, and Agents Of Satan, PLUTOCRACY recently reconvened to record material earlier this month that will be featured on a forthcoming EP of all-new material, the group’s first since 2000’s ‘Sniping Pigz’ full-length.

 The yet-untitled EP will be available on limited CD and vinyl EP formats and will stay in the political grind frame of mind PLUTOCRACY has portrayed throughout the years. The two formats will be released later this year through Forest Moon Special Products. In the meantime, some samples of past material are available online here (


Made up of frontman/bassist-vocalist Pete Jay (Assück, Wormwood), guitarists Donnie (Fall Of The Bastards, Human Shield), Cody Keyworth (L’Acephale), and drummer Eli (Fall Of The Bastards, Ashtaroth, Plutocracy), OAKHELM’s past black metal roots – and experience – have shaped what the band is to become. Highly influenced by Celtic texts, the band strives to set a similar mood amidst a similarly dreary mood to the band’s hometown. ‘ECHTRA’ is the band’s newest full-length, the follow-up to 2007’s well-received ‘Betwixt And Between.’ Both are through Forest Moon Special Products.



Dubbed after a wealth-based government, it’s no surprise PLUTOCRACY’s brand of grind is politically motivated. The Bay Area band formed in 1988 and has featured former and current members of No Less, Spazz, Agents Of Satan, and Oakhelm across its history of two full-lengths, an EP, and a slathering of splits and demos throughout the years. 2010 will see the release of an all-new collection of songs on both CD and vinyl EP through Forest Moon Special Products.

 “This is a meaty, blood-boiler of a record that’ll fill you with the sort of rage necessary to swing a hammer the size of a suburban mailbox.” – Metal Review

 “…best Viking metal album of the year.” – Teeth Of The Divine

About VTT

Band: VTT
Album: Symptoms of Sin, the band’s third release
Genre: Alt-metal / Heavy metal
Recorded: Billy Graziadei (Biohazard, Suicide City)

Biography: New Jersey’s VTT, formed in 2005 under a similar moniker, is fresh out of the studio with the band’s third full-length, Symptoms of Sin, an eight-track effort of driven alt-metal produced by Biohazard singer/guitarist – and friend – Billy Graziadei (Full Blown Chaos, Suicide City, Agnostic Front).

With something more to prove than just being friends with a big name in the metal community, VTT had a busy 2009 cut out for the hard-working quartet, writing much of Symptoms of Sin’s content and playing shows throughout the Northeast before hitting Graziadei’s Underground Sound Studios to record the album. Plus, they shot a self-funded video for the album’s debut track, “The Victim,” all in a matter of a few self-motivated months…Nothing new to the band with a determined work ethic and sense to see things through by means of their own hard work.


“The Victim” Video:


-Bob Deutsch

A Guy Named Bob PR


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