Band Spotlight, January 2010 – SIX MILLION DEAD




Revelation At The End of Aeon

Rising out of the putrid heat that is the Arizona desert, Phoenix’s SIX MILLION DEAD have just become my new favorite band of the moment. These sick fuckers put the ingredients laid out by Marduk, Belphegor, Vader, and 1349 in a huge vat, bring it to a scathing boil, skim the absolute best off the top, and mold it into their own aural image of misanthropy. The production struck me instantly, as all instruments are perfectly heard. Revelation…is a huge beast of an album, raging with a ferocity that some bands with more tenure have forgotten long ago. The louder you crank it, the more violent it gets. You don’t expect this much vitriol coming from such a young band.

I am highly impressed with the guitar work on Revelation… It’s all memorable and so well done. Full strummed chords clash with extremely fast tremolo licks, recalling the best of Belphegor’s work. The drumwork deserves mention here as being unconventional in spots, such as lead-off track, “Bringer of Death”. Drummer Bert lays out your standard beats here, but breaks it up with an off-time piece that completely works in the context of the song. It’s one of many “out of left field” elements that crop up throughout the disc. Another one lays directly in the middle of “Odium”. Here, in the midst of the chaos, the guitars weave a gorgeous harmony piece reminiscent of the melodic phrase in “Dechristianize” by Vital Remains.

I cannot even begin to imagine how vocalist Rob pulls this shit off live. The lyrics pretty much fill each song, with not a lot of room to breathe. Rob alternates from an agonizingly pissed off scream, and a low growl that truly sounds demonic. The two styles are overlaid in places, and complement each other perfectly.

There isn’t anything to complain about on Revelation At The End Of Aeon. It is truly an accomplished debut for a band that would be perfectly at home on either Nuclear Blast or Candlelight Records. Someone needs to snap them up now.

I had the opportunity to interview guitarist Jose Guitierrez, to learn more about these guys!

Crucible: How’s it going for you guys right now?

Jose: It’s been really good. we’re currently working on new material for the next album.

C: You have just released your new album, Revelation At The End Of Aeon. How has it been received so far?

J: We’ve been getting really good feedback so far so that’s cool. its nice to actually have some kind of merch at our shows now. shirts should be expected soon.

C: Have any good offers come your way yet (tours, label attention, etc)?

J: Don’t remember the name but someone approached us about touring Europe with Acheron and Six Feet Under but we had to decline the offer because we all have full-time jobs and we just couldn’t afford to take the time off.

C: I know from personal experience of being a musician here in Tucson, AZ that bands from our city in particular tend to be overlooked when it comes to labels and touring opportunities. What would you say about Phoenix? Do you find it hard being a band from Arizona, in respect to attention from “the industry”?

J: For the most part, i’d say Phoenix gets a decent amount of attention from “The Industry”. As for us personally though, being that most bands in Arizona don’t play the exact style of Metal that we play, there’s obviously not a lot of demand for bands like us. We’ve been told that we sound like a band from somewhere in europe, but we’re really from Phoenix, Arizona.

C: Let’s discuss the band’s name for a minute. You have a statement on your MySpace: “Contrary to what some people may think our name implies, Six Million Dead in no way, shape or form, deal with any anti-semitic views. Six Million Dead implies the extinction of humanity as a whole. Simple as that. So those of you who want to accuse us of anything, please get your heads out of your asses and quit with your assumptions.” Have you actually had some issues with the name?

J: Yes. One particular guy messaged us saying something like “six million dead… sounds a little anti-semitic to me”. Then he started to send us articles about people denying the holocaust. It didn’t take us very long to hit the “Block This User” button. Basically when we decided to change our musical style in 2005, we felt our previous name didn’t really go with the music anymore and so we thought the name Six Million Dead would fit the band more appropriately, considering the style we play now and the lyrical themes we now write about. The name Six Million Dead simply implies the extinction of humanity and the number six was merely chosen randomly. People can think what they want about us but as it says in our statement, we don’t hold any anti-semitic views… and the fact that currently every member of this band is of hispanic origin, only further adds to the idiocy of their assumptions

C: Six Million Dead was actually formed in 2003, with a different style and name. What more can you tell us about the beginnings of the band, such as the reason for the change in musical style, etc.?

J: Myself (Jose, guitar) and Bert (drums) started the band in 2003. We were originally a standard death metal band with lyrical themes mainly dealing with gore. I left the band in the same year and returned 2 years later. During the time i was gone, the band went through a fair amount of line-up changes and so when i returned, Bert and i decided it was time for a drastic change. Bert wanted to play faster and darker music, as did i, so after a name change, a style change and a few more line-up changes, What Dark Creates was re-spawned into Six Million Dead.

C: Do you have any favorite stories to tell from the band’s history?

J: Recently opening up for Marduk was a big thing for us. When we were under the name What Dark Creates, we played at the Mason Jar with Suffocation and Behemoth in ’04 and We played our 1st out of state show in Vegas in June of this year with Acheronian Dirge and Nihilistic Terrorist.

C: If there was one question you wish I would have asked but didn’t, what would that question be, and how would you answer it?

J: “What are some other acts in Arizona that you think are worth checking out?”
Viraemia, Hemoptysis, Malnurture, Negative Existence, Fall of Empyrean, Landmine Marathon, Sunyata. Plenty of good bands that people should get off their asses and go see.

C: Any last words?

J: Thanks for the interview, and expect the next album to sound much darker and uglier.

C: Thank you so much for your time! You truly blew me away with Revelation At The End Of Aeon, and I will definitely be getting up to Phoenix to see you guys some time in the near future. I wish you all the best! Thank you also in your interest in Crucible, and being the first Band Spotlight!



2 Responses to “Band Spotlight, January 2010 – SIX MILLION DEAD”

  1. good job coke, every1 needs this album

  2. these guys are a really cool band, i have played a few shows with them and they always please!

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