An introduction and brief history; 

     What’s up, Metal World?

     My name is Lael, and I am your founder and main writer. I will be starting up this machine and kicking it into gear, but first…a bit about me:

     I’ve been active in the Metal Underground since 1990, street teaming local bands before there really was such a thing, and helping bands lug and set up their gear at shows. I started playing guitar seriously in 1991, forming my first hack attempt at a band in 1993. That first band was called Phobia. There are actually some really horrible rehearsal recordings running around somewhere. That band split near the tail end of 1993 / early 1994 when I moved to St. Louis, MO. As soon as I hit St. Louis, I started looking for bands to play in, settling in my first real band with Grievance Honor. The music for GH was based in a mix of Doom and mid-paced Thrash, similar to early Trouble. The band split after 3 years, due to a difference of musical tastes, and writing direction. GH started a snowball rolling that has never lost momentum. Since then, I have played in bands of different Metal genres. The list of bands I have spent time in after the split of Grievance Honor – Sombrance, Parousia, Heavy Ground, Premature Burial, Undenied, Deliverance, Harkonin, Warghoul, Threefold, Rizen and Ash To Dust. I currently am active in Nightscape and Tucson hardcore stalwarts, Brutesquad. I have opened for and shared stages with the likes of Demiricous, Goatwhore, Impaler, Exhumed, Gat-Rot, Waco Jesus, Rune, Testament, Fog, Summon, Excommunion, The Besmirchers, Pessimist, Master, Sacred Reich, Deaden, Lividity, Satyricon, 3 Inches of Blood, Incantation, Disinter, The Chasm, Frankenhookers, Lunatic, and more.

In addition to playing in and promoting bands over the years, I have had the priviledge of writing for various print and webzines such as midwestmetal.info, allthingsmetal.net and Arrows of Malice, along with a one-issue stint with Pit Magazine.

     Running my own magazine has always been a dream of mine, hence Crucible. The original intent of Crucible was to be a print magazine. I started working on drafts for a magazine of my own in 2004, but shelved it. I had too many irons in the fire, and not enough money to make it work. Crucible Zine was finally brought to life in November of 2009, with the sole intent of promoting Metal in all its forms.  Death Metal, Black Metal, Power Metal, Hardcore, Industrial and Thrash will all have their respective rocks overturned for investigation. Crucible will highlight all from the signed to the unsigned. In short, all are welcome here. The reviews are honest, whether you like them or not. The interviews are more than your typical “Where were you formed?” type of fodder. The essays are, and always will be as informed and well-researched as possible.

     Thank you for reading Crucible. I hope you get half as much enjoyment out of reading as I had putting it together. Subscribe and visit often. There will be new content every month, starting in earnest in January of 2010.


Crucible is always looking for submissions for review. If interested in being written about here, please send all inquiries to cruciblezine@yahoo.com.

Lael Clark

November 27, 2009


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