Welcome to Crucible for February 2010!

     Here we go with another update of Crucible, and this one is going to be a huge one, as soon as it is completely finished. I got myself behind, and as such, there will be more content added in a few days. Hopefully you won’t mind. It will definitely be worth it. Read on to find out what I have for you now.

     In this update, you will find an interview with Taiwan Extreme Metal band ChthoniC! An enormous thank you goes out to Shawn from Spinefarm Records / Tsunami Entertainment for helping get this one done. I would also like to sincerely thank Doris Yeh and Freddy Lim for their time in doing the interview. Also in this update is part one of a two part “The Crypt – Digging Up Old Bones” on the one and only Carcass. The reason it is so big is because I review “The Complete Pathologist’s Report” – The freshly released re-issues of the complete Carcass discography, which if you do it right, ends up being an entire box set. Pretty sick. On top of these items are the monthly news report from Pulverised Records, and about half of the reviews I meant to post. The other half will be up in a few days. 

     The Band Spotlight for this month goes to Akron, Ohio’s Ichabod Crane! These guys simply blew me away the first time I heard them, and I am damned proud to have them as my Band Spotlight. Keep your eyes peeled on the Crucible MySpace, as well, where I will post 3 songs and link you to their MySpace.

     From the “Shit-I-Meant-To-Post-But-Haven’t-Yet” department is an enormous interview with the one and only Rick Rozz, of Death / Massacre fame. If you have been wondering what he has been up to all these years, you will get to find out in a few days. I have to pare the interview down from the hour and ten minutes of audio to a decent length interview, so be patient with me. Also to come are the rest of the interviews that were not posted here, so keep your eyes peeled. 

      As always, if you are a band that would like to have your music reviewed in Crucible, or if you are a label that would like your bands spotlighted here, please send me an email at cruciblezine@yahoo.com for more info. I am always taking submissions, so don’t be shy.

     Right! On with the show!


~ by cruciblezine on January 21, 2010.

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