Welcome to Crucible for January 2010

     Crucible wishes you all a very happy holiday season! Here we are in 2010 already, and there is some news on the Crucible front. Here is what you can expect in this installment of Crucible.

     Crucible is proud to welcome Pulverised Records, Relapse Records, Spinefarm, and Viable Records to the family! Pulverised is kind enough to send their news items my way, and my promotional releases application is under review as we speak. Relapse is servicing me with new releases, as is Viable Records. Spinefarm is going an extra step by not only servicing me with releases, but they are also setting up interviews for me with bands from their roster. All of these came to me late in the update, so the majority of the reviews and interviews will be in the February installment. But for this one, we have a page dedicated to the news items I have recieved thus far from Pulveriser. You will find the link in the bar on the side.

     I would like to congratulate Phoenix, Arizona’s SIX MILLION DEAD for being Crucible’s first monthly Band Spotlight! They have earned a page of their own on the site, that contains an interview and their Myspace link, along with my review of their debut full-length CD, Revelation At The End of Aeon. Check it out to learn about this seriously intense blackened Death Metal band from the desert.

     Crucible Zine is now on Myspace! If you are a band or label, go to http://www.myspace.com/cruciblemetalwebzine and add me. The Band Spotlight will have their songs featured on the Myspace, as well. So, for this month of course, you will be able to go check out SIX MILLION DEAD there, as well.

     Also in this installment of Crucible, you will get reviews of AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE, JOB FOR A COWBOY, CHTHONIC, SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER, ECRYPTUS, SINSTORM, and more.

    As always, Crucible is looking for submissions for review. If you are a band that would like to have your CD reviewed on this site, or a label that would like to have your bands written up, please don’t hesitate to email me at cruciblezine@yahoo.com, or hit me up on MySpace http://www.myspace.com/cruciblemetalwebzine.

Keep your horns high!


~ by cruciblezine on December 19, 2009.

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