Hello Metal World!

WELCOME TO CRUCIBLE – Crucible is, as the headline states, your monthly steaming pot of Metal. Welcome to it! Crucible is a brand new work-in-progress, and changes will be seen over the coming weeks as the blog/zine starts taking shape.

FEATURES – Crucible will features monthly essays of both a historical and editorial nature, such as The Crypt: Digging Up Old Bones (description below). Also on the block will be reviews of bands both signed and unsigned. There will also be the occasional concert review, non-musical articles of interest to Metal fans, and a links page that will go to various bands, distros, and labels.


November 2009 is the inaugural installment of Crucible, and as such, there isn’t much to look at. That will change soon, however, and by the January 2010 installment we will be in full swing. Check out what we have for you so far…

The Crypt: Digging Up Old Bones is going to be a monthly feature, outlining classic genre-defining releases from the past. Some will be out of print, rare, or so deeply underground that very few have ever heard of them. Others will be more popular mainstream fare that can be considered essential. The first installment is a double, highlighting Dismember’s Like An Everflowing Stream and Forbidden’s Forbidden Evil. The Crypt is going to be one of my favorite features to write, and I hope it brings as much enjoyment to read.

REVIEWS – Feast on the smorgasbord that is our Metal scene, with releases by Abysmal Torment, Thou Art Lord, the brand new and crushing Noriega, and more. Reviews will be added over the next few days.

Please note that Crucible is always looking for new submissions for review! If you are a label that would like to have Crucible review your bands, or if you are a band that would like to appear here, please contact me at cruciblezine@yahoo.com for information!


~ by cruciblezine on November 27, 2009.

One Response to “Hello Metal World!”

  1. I can’t wait to contribute to this work of metal art! Pleased as always to be a part of your world!

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